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Behind the Beat: Kicks N Licks

Thursday, October 06, 2016
Josh Habursky

In early 2012, Andy Joplin and Jerrod Jordan formed the duo Kicks N Licks. Both Andy and Jerrod are from San Diego, California and have developed a reputation as hard workers in the studio working towards a synced end product in their sets and visuals. Only the Beat had the opportunity to interview Kicks N Licks on everything from the San Diego music scene to getting a shot in the music industry. Only The Beat: When did you both start Djing/producing? Where was your first official gig? Andy: I started first making beats and getting into production during high school but didn't start djing until I was 20. Jerrod: 1st started producing hip-hop when I was around 16 and didn't start Djing until we had been playing shows. We played our 1st show at a local spot in our hometown called Yogi’s. OTB: Do you ever have creative differences? And if so how do you overcome them? KNL: We think any artist (or people in general) are bound to disagree on certain things but most of time we are the similar page. When it comes down to making decisions, we tend to usually both find a meeting point. OTB: Who influenced your sound and how has it changed over time? KNL: There is no doubt that Dubstep and DNB were the two genres that first drew us towards making dance music. That being said guys like Caspa, Rusko, Benga, and Skream (just to name a few) were artists that really got us into the scene. A mixture of that, plus the love for melody, and musical backgrounds in many genres including hip-hop, reggae, jazz and metal, have been the influence for what we do. OTB: How would you personally describe your sound and style? KNL: We would describe it as a multi-genre "hybrid” if you will, of many different influences. Melody is something that we feel is a key factor in our sound. We enjoy writing music that has emotion and is uplifting. We would still consider our music "bass music" but not a particular sound or style.  OTB: So you guys are based in San Diego. What is the music scene like in there? Any recommendation on where to go? KNL: Yes, we are both born and raised in SD!  The music scene here definitely has a long way to go to be compared to the massive LA scene. That being said it still is growing constantly and we don't see it slowing down anytime soon. As for recommendations kinda depends on what you're looking for but for if it's for bass music we would say BASSMNT SD would probably be the call.  OTB: You just released your new single "Sunny Day" that you were working on for two years. Are you happy with how the track has been received so far? KNL: It feels really good to get this out! We decided to release the track ourselves and to see the track get a good organic response is awesome! For us it's all about sharing the music and the vibe. Much love to anyone that supported!!!

Sunny Day - Kicks N Licks ft. Desiree Dawson

> OTB: What are your top three favorite tracks of all-time? KNL: This is a tough one! We could list so many so just gonna choose 3 off the top of the head! Jerrod(not in order) Andy - (not in order)  OTB: What advice do you have for aspiring DJs/producers? KNL: The main piece of advice is to be patient and keep putting in the time! Getting really good at these things takes time, and at the end of the day there is no shortcut that will make it fast or easy. Another bit of advice that has helped us is to never be afraid to try new things and step out of your comfort zone because that's when you make the best product! OTB: What is the top milestone in your careers so far? KNL: It's hard to pinpoint one thing. We think whenever we met someone who tells us our music has helped them or made them feel a certain way is always has more of an impact than once particular event. But, being able to travel and play all over the United states will always be crazy for us! OTB: Outside of DJing/producing, what are your other interests or hobbies? KNL: We both love to travel and really enjoy nature. Also, we share a passion for good food and having good times with friends and family. We both grew up surfing and skating. It's safe to say that music certainly has become the spotlight of our interests! OTB: What can we expect from you for the rest of this year? Any new track or collaborations coming up? KNL: We have been in the studio writing a bunch of new originals and have been working with a lot of very talented vocalists! People can expect a ton of new Kicks N Licks originals, along with some remixes and possible collabs! We will be announcing more details along with show dates soon! :)

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