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Behind the Beat: Chace

Friday, November 25, 2016
Josh Habursky

Chace is one of the newest DJs and producers from Shanghai, China and member of Yellow Claw's imprint, Barong Family. At only 17 -years-old, he recently released a collaboration with Moksi titled "For A Day" that has been picking more and more support.

Chace describes the track, "Have you ever come across a beautiful person that you instantly fell in love with—only to accidentally swipe left? And a day later you've already forgotten all about them. With this song we're keeping their memory for a few minutes longer."

He's one of the DJs to watch out for in 2017 for a breakout year. Chace started his music career at age two and goes back to his beginnings and discusses his future in this exclusive interview with Only The Beat.

Chace & Moksi - For A Day

Only The Beat: At only 17 you are already on the rise as a DJ, producer, drummer and singer. Tell us about your career so far, when did it begin? What was your first official gig?

Chace: I was born in a musical family, my dad had a band back in the days, I started learning drumming since I was two years old and went touring with this band for a few years later on. I've actually been producing since I was nine. I thought producing was just my hobby but it turned out being my career. My first gig was at a small club in China, the club booked me because of one EDM track I made which made quite a buzz in China and that was also the first time I ever got to touch the CDJs. 

OTB: Do you have any mentors in the industry? If so, how have they helped your career?

C: Jim and Nils from Yellow Claw have been guiding me from the beginning, both on music and life. They've been giving me suggestions about controlling the crowd and how to rise up the energy in my music, other than that we just talk about everything, it gets me really inspired.

OTB: If you had to pick another career?

C: I don't really know what I'm into besides music, maybe I'll go and give acting a shot or make some indie movies.

 OTB: How has it been being a member of the Barong Family and working on the new album with Moksi and Cesqeaux? 

C: It's amazing to be part of the family! Everyone takes care of me, I really feel at home when they are not speaking Dutch, haha. Moksi and Cesqeaux, they are all very interesting and inspiring producers to work with, we had good clicks during the sessions, you can really hear our sounds blending in together very well from the songs, and I learned a lot on production from the sessions we had.

OTB: What is the music scene and specifically the dance music scene like in China? What does it take to become a DJ/producer?

C: Everything is still growing in China, but it's growing very fast. We have our own local and international dance music festivals going on everywhere, and more and more young kids are joining the movement. Also there are more local organizations looking into local talent now. I see a lot of young DJs performing at festivals and club gigs, some also play their own productions. It takes time and effort to be on that stage, just like in other countries.

OTB: What is your favorite track the you produced and one that you did not produce?

C: I really like the collaboration with Moksi 'For A Day'!  From other producers I dig 'Utopia' by Dombresky a lot.

OTB: What advice do you have for an aspiring Chinese DJ that is trying to get a shot in the industry?

C: Really know where your interest is and work hard for it, also learn a little bit of Dutch, it works.

OTB: Outside of Djing, what are your other interests or hobbies?

 C: Making music and seeing the world.

OTB: What can we expect from you the rest of this year? Any new tracks or collaborations coming up?

C: There's a whole EP with Moksi coming up and also my new solo EP and some remixes are on the agenda.

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