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Good afternoon electronic dance music family. I hope everyone has been listening to all of the EDC live sets and countless other live sets that are uploaded daily to SoundCloud and Mixcloud. Festival season and summer are all but here. I bet you're just as stoked as I am for an epic next few months in electronic dance music. I am back with another edition of Lazy Sundays with Only The Beat! I had to dig extra hard this week to find tracks might bring back memories for some of you. Enjoy.   Sharam - Live @ Space Opening Fiesta 2013 (Ibiza)  60 minutes of relentless vibes. I literally couldn't stop moving from start to finish. You're going to love this. W&W - Thunder (Original Mix) You either love or hate "trouse", but W&W keep producing banger after banger. 'Thunder' is going to be a massive summer hit. Simone Tavazzi - Alpha Decay (Original Mix) This is one of the coolest tracks I've ever heard. Check it.   Wolfgang Gartner - Hook Shot (Original Mix) What a classic. My initial thought was to go with 'Wolfgang's 5th Symphony', but that would been expected. 'Hook Shot' is an absolute funky track, and brings back memories from 2010 for me. Wolfgang has been on a roll lately, whether you agree with his views or not. Bryan Kearney - Live @ Fiesta Pura Buenos Aires (May 2013) [FREE DOWNLOAD] Bryan Kearney is the man. 140 BPM is a good life to live. Kearney's latest extended set from Buenos Aires is five hours long! Break this up into parts, but be sure to listen to the full set. Don't forget to download it either.   Hot Pink Delorean & Rory Lyons - Move It! (Original Mix) Do you remember this track, much less remember Hot Pink Delorean? I was a huge Hot Pink Delorean fan in 2011. The electro alias to their drum and bass/dubstep moniker Terravita, Hot Pink Delorean has quite a few tracks and mixes worth listening to. They have a unique sound, and it would be a treat if the members of Terravita decide to focus on this special side project again. Nitrous Oxide - North Pole vs The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony (Above & Beyond Mashup) Ah yes. The infamous TATW 350 with Above & Beyond where this mashup was dropped. This mashup is truly magical. If you remember this, you know what I'm talking about. If not, you just found a new addition to your ever-evolving trance collection. Darude - Burning (Original Mix) Darude. Darude. Darude. This dude is still around! Nobody talks about him, and sometimes it's easy to forget that he's been around since 'Sandstorm' took the world by storm in 1999. Darude was one of the first producers I got into, and 'Burning' is my favorite track of his. I hope this brings back memories of which producers got you into electronic dance music. Sergio Fernandez - Navegare (Original Mix) If you haven't figured it out by now, I am obsessed with techno/deep/tech house. I'm even more obsessed now that the summertime weather is in action, and I live at the beach (Cape May, NJ). Here's another gem for you to relax to. Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound (Original Mix) The drop in 'Greyhound' is STILL my favorite drop in electronic dance music. I still get chills when this is pumped up at full volume. Nothing wakes me up or gets me out of a funk quicker than this drop. We all like to poke fun at the recently disassembled Swedish house trio, but 'Greyhound' is without a doubt one of the best tracks of the past five years.   Lazy Sundays are the best (especially if you have off from work). I would love to hear from you with any feedback or suggestions to this weekly series. Drop me a line by commenting on this post, or by contacting me on Twitter @PetersonSBP.   Until next Sunday......Cheers.