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Happy Lazy Sundays! I'm back with a techno-filled edition this week, featuring a rare live bootleg from Deadmau5, a Deep Dish mix CD that's one of the best in Electronic Dance Music history, and music from Nero, Chris Liebing, Sub Focus, Alan Fitzpatrick, and more. What do you think of the banner that I created above?


Nero - Must Be The Feeling (Original Mix)

"Every time I hear this groove, It makes me wanna move. Must be the feeling, it brings to you. That makes you feel what to do."  Lazy Sundays must be the feeling!

Emalkay feat Rod Azlan - Flesh & Bone (Delta Heavy Remix)

Dismantle's remix is of 'Flesh & Bone' is just as superb, but at the end of the day, I have to take Delta Heavy's remix. Who's remix do you like better?

Alan Fitzpatrick - 1992 (Original Mix)

'1992' off of Alan Fitzpatrick's new The Tetra EP [Drumcode] is my favorite track off of the EP. I just love everything about this track, especially the dope vintage rave video here.

Pig & Dan vs Deadmau5 & Kaskade - Below The Belt w/ I Remember (Acapella) (Deadmau5 Bootleg)

This is Deadmau5's live bootleg from his Sonos Studios (Hollywood) set in October 2012. Deadmau5 and tech house. I want to this see more often. This is so good. The "I Remember' acapella just works so well with Pig & Dan's 'Below The Belt'. Joel couldn't have picked a better tech house track to work the acapella into.  

Ralph Falcon - Whateva (Dub Mix)

"Whateva whateva whateva you say, whateva whateva whateva." The dub mix has been supported by the Martinez Brothers, who layer the dub mix with another tech house track. It gets better every time. The first track from The Martinez Brothers' BPM Festival 2014 set is an ID remix of 'Whateva'. If any of you have found out what the ID remix is, please let me know!

Old School Fire: DJ Rush & Zombie Nation live @ Hafentunnel 2001

Hard techno at its finest!

Sub Focus & Brookes Brothers - Late Run (Original Mix)

Those 50 Cent vocals though >>>>>

Cave - Plutonium (Chris Liebing remix)

I've been on an epic Chris Liebing binge for the past month or so. Enjoy this heavy hitter of a remix. It sums up everything that Liebing has demolished over the years.

Old School Fire: Deep Dish - Global Underground 021 in Moscow (CD 1&2)

We end Lazy Sundays this week with a rare find in Deep Dish's Global Underground 021 in Moscow, back in 2001. For those of you who don't know, Deep Dish is Dubfire and Sharam! Deep Dish's website has recently dropped hints at the two tech house juggernauts getting back together during the first day of Ultra Music Festival 2014. These rumors have not been confirmed yet, but there are a tremendous number of long-time fans crossing their fingers for it to happen. The awoken project has been on the back burner for almost a decade, and Sharam and Dubfire have gone in two completely different directions. It will be AWESOME to see what comes of all of this. In the meantime, Enjoy one of the best mix CDs in the history of Electronic Dance Music! CD1: CD2:   I hope you enjoyed this week's Lazy Sundays. I will catch you here next weekend. Have a dope week.