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Mashup Monday - Bruneaux Edition (Free Downloads)

Monday, March 10, 2014
Frank Gaetano

Happy Mashup Monday everybody! So last night I was up late studying for an exam and praying to the heavens that something would just fall into my lap so I wouldn't have to actively search for tracks to post today, then suddenly I found Bruneaux's new EP in my SoundCloud feed. I hadn't heard anything about it being released and had no idea it was being released. It would appear that Bruneaux had pulled a Beyonce on all of us and just randomly dropped new music. The new EP, entitled "Beyond" is something special. I don't usually go crazy and post too many chilled out mashups in one post, but I've listened to this EP probably 10 times already, including when I went to bed last night. It has a fantastic blend of smooth rhythm, soft beats, and beautiful vocal samples. It is sure to warm the heart and heighten your sense of hearing as he takes you...well, "Beyond".

Bruneaux - Beyond EP