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Mashup Monday (ft. The Hood Internet, Dr. Brixx, and More!) - Free Downloads

Happy Monday everybody! I know a lot of you are like me and this is your spring break week, meaning Monday is just a little less horrible, but if you AREN'T on break yet I'm here to make your day with some awesome new mashup medicine. Today I will be sporting some fantastic new mixes and mashups from Mashup Monday veterans acquaintance.bvnnyDr. Brixx, and The Hood Internet. I also have a special surprise for your spring break festivities at the bottom of the post, so make sure to listen to all of the awesome tracks! Let's go!

1. Dr. Brixx - Unstoppable Celebrities

2. acquaintance. - Broken

If you loved that acquaintance. track, then don't forget to grab the instrumental!

3. bvnny - Satellite Home

4. The Hood Internet - Hear In One Minute

SURPRISE! To kick off your bring break proper, I have included an hour long mix made by yours truly, FrankCarmine. This mix includes a whole BUNCH of unreleased mashups as well as a few oldies sprinkled in there. Press play, commence raging!

FrankCarmine - Spring Break Mix 2014

Don't forget to grab a free download of all these awesome mashups! Thanks for stopping by. -Frank