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Mashup Monday: Where Are They Now? Episode 1 - Kasum

Monday, April 14, 2014
Frank Gaetano

Hey everybody! My apologies for missing last week's post. College, work, college, excuses, etc... Have no fear though, because we are back at it this week and I have a little something special in store for Mashup Monday. Today is the first installment of a new Mashup Monday periodical called "Where Are They Now?" in which I will be taking a look at artists who used to be known for their amazing mashups and updating the mashup community on their current endeavors. Today's first installment will be a feature on the former mashup artist Kasum. [Tweet "Where Are They Now? Episode 1 - Kasum"] Kasum hasn't made a new mashup in over 10 months now, but when he was churning out the mashes they were top notch. He simply knows what sounds good together when it comes to fitting tracks and knows how to make it happen. His mashup "Medicine Time" is a great example of this as well as his uncanny ability to incorporate a good long buildup within a track that climaxes at the end. Also see "Cold Stars", where Kasum shows his vocal glitching prowess using the vocals of Katy Perry. So where is Kasum now? That question is answered easily with one word. Everywhere. I believe "blowing up" would be the proper terminology for what is going with him right now, as he has recently been receiving support and praise from huge names like 3LAUHenrix, KDrew, Mako, SirensCeol, Party Ghost, Pierce Fulton, Mutrix, George Moneve, Bombs Away, Paris Burns, James Egbert, Thand and Synchronice. Now that would be one hell of a lineup at a festival stage eh? Now on to the new music. What Kasum has made his name by is something unique. Instead of trying to get the latest acapellas and remix what is popular right now, he has thrown us all back in a wave of nostalgia and remixed older pop tunes that we all loved. Tunes like Fall Out Boy's "Thanks For The Memories", The All American Rejects' "Move Along", and Yellowcard's "Ocean Avenue" are all tracks that he has made his own. With haunting melodic dubstep melodies and those back-tingling synths and kicks that we all love to hear, these remixes are epically changing the face of what it means to "remix" a song. The future is bright for this young, talented producer and he's got what it takes to get to the top. You can catch Kasum at Naga in Boston on April 23rd with Caked Up and also this Summer on July 5th in Wildwood, NJ for BeachGlow Music Festival.

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