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Hey there everyone, welcome to another edition of Mashup Monday! Today is a special edition, as I will be highlighting a specific group of mashers known as GLDN Collective. GLDN is a group of artists who thrive on the creativity that mashup culture brings to the table and are always making the effort to put out better content. The esteemed members of this group include a stack of big names in the mashup and remix world such as IsosineRicky CervantesDr. Brixx, DJ TopsiderFlipboitamidlesFrail Limb PurityThe Early MourningPennWallaceRob WeezusRotBott, and DJ Bahler. In addition to that awesome list of artists, I am excited to announce that yours truly, FrankCarmine, has been added to that lineup for the latest release! I could not ask for a better group of people to work with and am excited to be a part of something this special. On to the music... Yesterday the guys at GLDN Collective released their fifth album, this one I was lucky enough to be a part of. The album is appropriately titled "SMMR 2014", and is packed with a bunch of mashups and remixes spanning across a wide variety of genres and that give off those Summer vibes. This album is sure to help the listener give an appreciative sendoff to what remains of their Summer this year. In addition to SMMR, I have also included the other four GLDN releases for your free streaming pleasure. Thanks for pressing play! -Frank

GLDN Collective - SMMR 2014

GLDN Collective - SPRNG 2014

GLDN COllective - GLDN Standard

GLDN Collective - SAVE MASHUPS: A Fall Out Boy Mixtape

GLDN Collective - Super Mario 64 Mixtape