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Jordan Suckley's "Damaged 001", His New Show Premier!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

jordan-suckley-liveGood guy Jordan Suckley gifts Soundcloud with a free-to-download first episode from his label, Damaged Records. The first section of the show is full of the recent releases from Jordan's brand-new label Damaged Records. Starting with Complex Sound's "Time To" which sets the stage for a solid hour-long roller coaster ride. After James Dymond's remix of his recent smash "Centipede" and Jordan's own edit of Bazooka & Tomahawk's "Enemy Spotted", we hear an exclusive Jordan just signed to Damaged, XGenic - "Ignition" which is KILLER! Such a hard hitter. Directly following that,  J.S. presents his segment "Most Emotional Record" which he bestowed upon Falcon & Redstar's "Lost In A Dream" from Monster Recordings. "Jamie Walker's "Horizon" is the Damaged track of the week  and rightfully so, everything about this track is electric! Then to close out his mix, Jordan brings in Harmonic Rush's "Complicated" after  Allen & Envy's remix of "Centipede". Now on to the Daniel Skyver guestmix where he basically showcases his tracks and I love every minute! I can't wait to see either of these great producers live. Daniel Skyver live He mixes from the progressive Splattered Implant remix of "Do You Copy" by himself and Tasso into his original "Tangent" on Infrasonic. After "Boiling Point" he promotes an unsigned track of his called "On My Mind" which I thoroughly enjoyed. Then he closes out with his new single "Touching the Sky" with Crystal Blakk (on Damaged) and the massive peak-time hit I reviewed recently, "Tantrum" on Monster.