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Genre-less Awesome-ness: An Hour of Intriguing Tunes

Thursday, April 03, 2014
Mitch Marzuola

Everyone needs something fresh once in a while. No matter what it is, we do. Here's a collection of music that aims to do just that for you! With tracks that are both old and new, this segment is designed to expose you all to some exciting and burgeoning sounds and artists in the electronic music scene. Some people say EDM has become stale. This just isn't true. This hour-long compilation of tunes is here to show just how vibrant and unique electronic music has become.


We have a myriad of tunes that span across multiple genres, birthing both beautiful and hard-hitting creations that tow the line of electronic music's rising popularity, while also pushing the entire culture to new heights. You won't find most of these artists at giant festivals. Some may have played sizable venues, but their message and true scope emanate directly from their musical talent.

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It's always encouraging to see new acts rising up daily, and the expectations are consistently rising among emerging artists. Songs like these find ways to your heart. That's the artist's direct intention. Of course, no one is complaining if they happen to achieve success because of it. Listen to these tracks with a different mindset. You'll be intrigued by the sheer ingenuity. [Tweet "Genre-less Awesome-ness exists...right here"]