Lucky 2015 Artist Playlist: Sound Remedy

From his perfect summer set at Paradiso 2013 to his first sold out show at the Crocodile later that fall to that wild return to Foundation a few months later, I am so happy that Sound Remedy loves Seattle as much as he does.


Sound Remedy

“We’re already home…”

Anthony Howell is one of those producers that has such a distinctive sound, you can recognize one of his tracks almost instantly. Part melodies, part pixels; the music Howell creates conjures up everything from honest emotion and nostalgia to unstoppable positive energy that just overwhelms you with the sensation that something amazing is just about to happen.

It’s almost been too long, and thankfully we’ll be seeing him again soon at Lucky 2015.

Unfortunately, most of Sound Remedy’s collection is not available on Spotify. This is mostly likely due to his affinity for complex, stylized remixes and licensing issues. But whenever Spotify falls short, we have Soundcloud to pick up the slack. Only the Beat proudly presents our playlist of handpicked favorites from the Chicago-born producer.

Spread the word and share this playlist with your friends. Sound Remedy is a can’t miss set at Lucky this year.

Check out his Soundcloud for any tracks we may have left out and let us know what your favorite is.

Erik Skoog

Erik Skoog

I like catchy music and baby animals. One time I was on a Dutch documentary series about making it in Hollywood. I jump a lot when I dance.
Erik Skoog
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