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Feel the Perspective in Monstercat’s Newest Release

We all know albums are quickly becoming a thing of the past as singles rule the music world today. This statement is even truer in the electronic music industry. In an age where artists fade in and out of the spotlight between each new song, there are still those small glimpses of true album creation that come to light. "Worlds" by Porter Robinson and "We Are All We Need" by Above & Beyond are some of those instances. While Monstercat’s newest release 021 Perspective may not be what we consider a “standard” album, I have to say that this may be the future of albums. Consisting of 30 tracks from different Monstercat artists including Puppet, Tristam & Braken, Pylot, Haywyre and more, this new album could easily become your next favorite playlist; all you have to do is press play.

Monstercat – 021 Perspective

From the beautiful beginning of Tristam & Braken in “Far Away” Monstercat takes you on a journey through their newest releases, including Rich Edwards and Hellberg in “See It All” and “The Girl” and Puppet’s “Answers.” This track is easily one of my favorites of the album as it takes you to another level with an amazing melody and beat that will infect your mind and body. Flowing through track after track, Monstercat also includes tracks from Pegboard Nerds, Eminence and Televisor’s infectious “Find That Someone” beat. I have highlighted many of these tracks including Pylot’s new track “Flashbacks,” Haywyre’s brilliant “Insight” and Karma Fields “Build The Cities,” but each tune fills Perspective with amazing vibes. Mr. FijiWiji’s “Growing Up,” Draper’s “Pressure” and Rameses B “Mountains” also are included and leave me anxiously awaiting Monstercat’s next release.

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Monstercat quote picture 021 Perspective

“Everything in our world is significant it all depends on your point of view.”

This quote is emblazoned across Monstercat’s cover photo currently and it couldn’t be any truer. Each drop, each beat, each melody through this album and all other releases are significant in their own right. It is up to us as the listener to have the right point of view to understand the perspective of each song. Whether it is “Answers” we are looking for, “Flashbacks to pre-mainstream electronic music or “Insight” into “Growing Up,” every tune has that perfect moment. Seek out that moment and cherish the Perspective it holds. Purchase 021 Perspective now through iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and soon on the Google Play store. Listen to the full album now through Spotify, SoundCloud or YouTube along with their two album mixes, Vantage and Aspect, and check out Monstercat on their Twitch channel, as they feed our ears weekly with new playlists.