Resolution 2016 Artist Playlist: Vanic

Despite only living across the boarder in Vancouver, Vanic played his first Seattle show in July for SubStance Wednesday’s at Foundation Nightclub. Fortunately for those of us who may have missed it, he’s back to help us welcome in the New Year. Maybe we can make him visiting a regular thing.

vanic foundation

“I make music and people dance to it.”

Hypnotically dreamy, emotional and melodic; this old classmate of Felix Cartel is a master of creating a sound that targets the most vulnerable parts of your heart. So whether you’re indulging a melancholy breakup, wide awake at four am, or just starting the party on a beautiful afternoon in the best part of the summer, Jesse Hughes has your soundtrack taken care of.

Slick, sexy, and full of attitude, Vanic sounds like he’d be spinning records at some lavish party in an alternate version of the roaring 20s.


As with Sound Remedy and The Chainsmokers (though not so much anymore), Spotify is still a little hit or miss on their remix collection. So we turn to SoundCloud, which is one of the few things Soundcloud is currently doing right. At least until someone arbitrarily decides that it violates copyright or Vanic has too much music on his account or I don’t know fuck you, we’re Soundcloud. We don’t have to answer to you.

Surrender your soul to Vanic this New Year’s Eve at Resolution.



Erik Skoog

Erik Skoog

I like catchy music and baby animals. One time I was on a Dutch documentary series about making it in Hollywood. I jump a lot when I dance.
Erik Skoog
- 3 days ago
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