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DeadMau5 Releases "The Veldt" With Party @ XS In Las Vegas

Thursday, May 10, 2012
Daniel Taibleson

Last night, deadmau5 took over XS nightclub in Las Vegas to celebrate the release of his latest single, “The Veldt”, which debuted on iTunes yesterday. Nearly 6,000 fans turned out on a Sunday night to join in the party and watch the electronic music phenomenon rock the stage. Starting his set promptly at 1 am, he warmed up the crowd with favorite tracks and some new samplings before giving his fans what they wanted, a taste of “The Veldt” around 1:30 am. Glow sticks waving, fists pumping and hands clapping high above the dance floor, the response was intense as it proved this will be a new favorite among deadmau5’s repertoire. Mau5trap/Parlophone will release deadmau5’s The Veldt’ EP’ on 25th June 2012.  The electronic dance music titan is an artist that is constantly looking for innovative ways to push his craft forward. With this release he’s set another yardstick of what it is to be an artist in this socially networked age. The mau5 recently overhauled his studio in his home town of Toronto.  Since the end of his grueling North American tour he’s locked himself in and gone on a creative spree. Ever committed to his fan base, he has invested in a high tech setup so that he can Live Stream his writing/recording sessions and give fans a window into that process. "Unlike the ancient, deadmau5 created the track live. The fans were ringside watching the creative process. This is a 180 from the bands a decade ago who claimed Napster was negligent in allowing their unfinished work to be exposed. Once again, Deadmau5 is using the tools to his advantage instead of being a Luddite resistance to change." Bob Lefsetz Over the weekend of 17th/18th March during a 22 hour Live Streaming session, deadmau5 created a new track titled The Veldt’ inspired by a short Sci-Fi story written by Ray Bradbury.  He then uploaded it to his FML Soundcloud page for his fans to enjoy. At this time it was just an instrumental. [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /] The next day he found that his fans were tweeting him about a vocal version on Soundcloud. He didn’t react to their tweets initially as he gets so many submissions, but the volume of messages was such that he gave in and decided to check out what all the fuss was about. The fan had taken his comments on board and based his lyrics on the short story. When deadmau5 heard the fan’s version he was totally blown away. This has all been caught on video during the Live Stream. deadmau5 then messaged the vocalist, Chris James, that he was going to officially release it with his vocals (again all on his Live Stream). A short while later he got his manager and Chris on the phone to work out the details and asked him to add another verse.   This entire creative journey was captured on the live stream for his fans to see as it unfolded. The vocal version is available on iTunes now at He will return to his residency at XS nightclub over Memorial Day Weekend on Sunday, May 27. Tickets available now at Photos attached credit Danny Mahoney/XS nightclub.