Archie Releases First Episode of “Pony Up” Podcast


Moscow-based youngblood Archie (formerly Archie V.) has released his first ever podcast via iTunes and his official Soundcloud. The set features a guest mix from none other than TheFatRat, and hosts a tasteful combination of dirty electro and uplifting progressive house.

Over the past six months, Archie has commanded a devoted following, developing his own sound amongst a particularly competitive atmosphere in progressive house production. Perhaps the track that allowed him to burst into the mainstream audience’s view was a collaboration with the ever more popular FareOh (currently on tour with Kaskade), titled “2012.” To a seasoned listener in the genre, the track is a brilliant combination of both artists’ sounds, and delivers that classic melodic prog house structure that so many of us enjoy to brighten up our day. Take a quick listen to what I’m talking about:

[youtube id=”9ilR8wf2xS8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

The prodigy only continued building from there, releasing singles “Leto,”  “Becoming Popular” (a rework of the UK TV show My Little Pony’s theme), a vocal collaboration with Anna Yvette titled “Villo”, and most recently a fantastic Progressive/Dubstep track, dubbed “One More Cupcake.”

Despite its simple tune and structure, Archie’s music brings forth tremendous amounts of energy. As the joyful melodies build up and fall, they thrust the listener into a state of delight, making each track truly an experience.

Get the FULL Podcast and Tracklist HERE



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