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Above & Beyond - On My Way To Heaven: The Official Video

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Daniel Taibleson

I have to admit that after watching this video, I don't think it really does the track justice. To be perfectly honest, I find it a little odd, almost taking away from the song. Obviously Above & Beyond can do whatever they want, and I didn't hate the video. I just has a VERY different idea of what the video would be like. Watch it for yourself and let us know what you think. [youtube id="IYDYjvLOZZw" height="360"] A song inspired by the restless, disjointed thoughts that race through the brain at 4am in the morning, Above & Beyond's "On My Way To Heaven" is an existential rant that is typical of a band that looks well beyond the EDM status quo for its lyrical inspiration. Drawing off of that theme, the "super group" (as recently described by MTV News) looked well beyond the traditional in their next music video. "Someone told me recently that the lyrics to 'On My Way To Heaven' sound like a Shakespearean soliloquy set to music," said Tony McGuinness. "It's a wonderful thought, and very flattering. So the idea of casting a well-known Shakespearean actor in the video to realize that idea was just too tempting. My first choice was Steven Berkoff - he does unhinged better than anyone - and incredibly, he said yes. It's a nightmare come true."   Steven Berkoff (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, A Clockwork Orange, The Krays) is cast as the tortured Shakespearean thespian that he has played so many times in his career. The video sees a typical Berkoff performance of the song's cathartic stream-of-consciousness lyrics - struggling with the internal demons that the song describes. As Berkoff's soliloquies and the play's action both rise in drama, the video reaches a climactic moment of release; every bit as emotional as the track's breakdown itself.