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Native Instruments Komplete 9 Coming Soon

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Native Instruments Komplete 9 - Only The Beat Here at Only The Beat we are big fans of Native Instruments products, so naturally we are stoked that Native Instruments Komplete 9 is coming soon. If you are a producer and you are looking for some of the best available tools at a great price, then Native Instruments Komplete 9 is clutch. There are a TON of features that Komplete 9 brings to the table. You can produce just about anything you could ever imagine with this package. We can't even believe they give away what they do at that price. Why you ask? Because it includes all of this: SEVEN SOFTWARE SYNTHS - MONARK is a new synth that we haven't worked with yet. Comes out with Native Instruments Komplete 9 on March 27th. Monark apparently captures the pure organic sound of the undisputed king of monophonic analog synthesizers. The first choice for bass and lead sounds in four decades of popular music, no other synth comes close to this combination of power, richness, and musical tone. - MASSIVE is pretty much one of the easiest and most versatile synths available for producing dubstep and drum & bass sounds. Massive is the heavyweight wavetable synthesizer built for colossal basses and piercing leads in the studio or on stage. - ABSYNTH 5 is a great synth if you are looking to create airy filler pads to side-chain with your latest trance track, or to create dark pads for that weird deep house track you stayed up making last night. Absynth 5 is a modern legend – a semi-modular synthesizer for pads, grooves and abstract soundscapes. Take your tracks out of the ordinary. - FM8 is not for the newbies. It is a complex and almost endlessly editable synth that can pump out anything from arppeggiated bass lines to screaming leads. FM8 features crystalline, razor-sharp digital sounds, embodying the bright, lively sound of FM synthesis and delivering unsurpassed depth, brilliance, and dynamism. - REAKTOR PRISM uses modal synthesis to produce a unique and responsive polyphonic instrument with fascinating sound shaping capabilities. Not one that we have messed around with, but what the hell right? The more the merrier! - REAKTOR SPARK is a truly aggressive, dynamic synth based on a unique REAKTOR ensemble that breathes new life into subtractive synthesis. Again, never really used it, but it is probably bad ass. - RETRO MACHINES MK2 is entirely based on samples from legendary vintage analog synths and keyboards from the 70s and 80s. You get over 20 outstanding instruments, each with an amazing effects section, and a versatile and easy to use arpeggiator. Never really used it, but after reading this description I want to revisit it (In Komplete 8 before Komplete 9 comes out).  CREATIVE AND STUDIO EFFECTS - SOLID EQ is a precise 6-band workhorse equalizer ready for anything from subtle shading to aggressive shaping. - SOLID BUS COMP is a powerful, easy-to-use compressor with the uncanny ability to ‘glue’ mixes together and make a track sound finished. - SOLID DYNAMICS is an exceptional stereo compressor with a gate/expander module – ideal for processing dynamic range on single channels before they hit the master section. - TRANSIENT MASTER is a must-have dynamics effect. Enhance attack, control mix presence or fix problem recordings — the secret spice in your mix. - THE FINGER is a new type of live performance and remix tool featuring more than 40 effects which can be "played" like a musical instrument with a MIDI keyboard or sequenced in your DAW. - REFLEKTOR is a high-performance effect, providing reverb ranging from super-realistic physical rooms to fully virtual acoustics. - TRAKTOR’s 12 brings a dozen of TRAKTOR's tried and tested floor-rocking effects to your studio productions or live stage performances. DRUMS AND PERCUSSION - BATTERY 4 returns with cutting-edge professional effects, a completely redesigned library tailor-made for electronic music and radically improved workflow that keeps the focus on creativity. - ABBEY ROAD 60s DRUMMER delivers two exquisitely recorded kits from the 1960s, recorded with vintage equipment at Abbey Road Studios, London. - STUDIO DRUMMER is the perfect realization of a drummer in software, with everything you need to create realistic acoustic drum tracks. - WEST AFRICA features a collection of beautifully sampled playable percussion and melodic instruments and ensembles with an accompanying set of highly inspirational pre-programmed patterns. GUITAR AND BASS - GUITAR RIG 5 PRO’s 17 amps and cabinets and 54 effects deliver perfect guitar or bass tone and the ultimate creative effects rack. Seriously. If you are a guitar player then you will appreciate how easy it is to get some amazing sounds from your DAW through Guitar Rig. If you love metal (or need that heavy sound for some crazy effects), then check out RAMMFIRE. - SCARBEE MM-BASS puts the creamy bass sound of 70s disco and funk at your fingertips – either dry or via four different amps. - RAMMFIRE: Richard Z. Kruspe (Rammstein) collaborated with Native Instruments on this ground-breaking amp emulation based on his personal setup. PIANOS, KEYS, AND STRINGS - THE GIANT captures the sound of the world's biggest upright piano to deliver something even bigger: An intense, dynamic playing experience with a sound that’s nothing short of inspiring. - SESSION STRINGS aims at producers looking for high-quality ready-to-go string sections for modern productions. Get immediate results without hours of fine tuning and tweaking with an incredible set of expressive features accessible from a highly intuitive interface. - VINTAGE ORGANS gives you access to the classic sounds of the golden age. Based on high-quality recordings of the Farfisa® Compact, Vox Continental™ II and Hammond® B-3, C-3, and M-3 organs, VINTAGE ORGANS is full of charm and character. - SCARBEE A-200 is a classic and versatile electric piano, sampled to perfection with all its characteristic dynamic range intact. - SCARBEE MARK I is the sound of an iconic electric piano, beautifully sampled and perfectly preserved in all its brilliance. - SCARBEE CLAVINET/PIANET provides the sounds of two legendary keyboards, expertly sampled and brimming with unique character. - BERLIN CONCERT GRAND offers enormously expressive power right to the top of the highest treble – a charming, poetic instrument, vibrant and full of life. - NEW YORK CONCERT GRAND is a high-definition reproduction of a popular grand piano, and consists of premium samples of a perfectly maintained instrument. - UPRIGHT PIANO is a traditional piano with a warm and distinctive sound, ideal for productions that require something other than a ‘perfect’ piano sound. - VIENNA CONCERT GRAND truly reproduces the power and ‘singing’ sound of this Viennese legend, beautifully capturing the resonance of a classic continental grand.  KONTAKT 5 AND REAKTOR 5.8 - KONTAKT 5 is the industry-standard soft-sampler, renowned for its audio engine, flexible architecture and 43 GB of sounds. - REAKTOR 5.8 is a powerful modular studio with over 70 synthesizers, sound generators, grooveboxes, sequencers and effects at your fingertips, as well as 3,000+ instruments freely available in the Online User Library – a vast playground for creative minds.

So pretty much the new stuff includes:






As you can see, if you are a producer you pretty much need to get your hands on Native Instruments Komplete 9. Even if you have Komplete 8 already, it is only $149 to upgrade to Komplete 9. Be sure to get it on March 27th when it comes out and get started producing your next banger. Who knows, that track might end up on our homepage! Check out some demo sounds from the new MONARK synth below: