Black Boots – Streetwalker Official Music Video OUT NOW

The Las Vegas-based BLACK BOOTS–LIGHTKNIFE (production) and MIKEY FRANCIS (vocals & production)–explore further into the depths of song and verse with “Streetwalker,” the follow-up single to “Flash Of Light.” On “Streetwalker,” shimmering synths build alongside MIKEY‘s elegant delivery as the song swells into an irresistible refrain. Words will not be forgotten on this towering dance floor rollercoaster that features a hypnotic female vocal cameo from MIKEY’s cousin, Katie Roberts.

Since their worldwide debut with the track “Rebels in the Night” in November 2012, BLACK BOOTS has taken the world by storm, building an ever-growing fanbase and accolades from the media. wrote: “New Ultra Records signees Black Boots aren’t the typical EDM outfit. The Las Vegas-based duo–producer Lightknife and vocalist/producer Mikey Francis–eschews neon for black leather, abandons mainstream polish for a punk aesthetic, and aims not only to move crowds but to create a movement. Lightknife and Francis’ sound joins full-bodied electronic production with raw indie-pop vocals, all fueled by a devil-may-care, rock ‘n’ roll attitude.” (1/30/13) Elsewhere, Alternative Press included BLACK BOOTS on their 100 Bands You Need To Know list and tagged them in their “30 DJs To Watch in 2013” feature.

 BLACK BOOTS “Streetwalker” is available now on iTunes:

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