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Rob Naylor's debut track 'Yes' out now on Garuda

Monday, July 01, 2013

Out Now: Rob Naylor's debut track 'Yes' 


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The Sound of Garuda Chapter 3 mixed by Ben Gold is the gift that keeps on giving, and for one young, Montreal-based producer, the launching board for his career. Today, 16-year-old Rob Naylor has released his first signed track 'Yes' on Beatport through Garuda Music . "For someone who has always been a huge fan of Garuda, it was really special to be a part of The Sound of Garuda," says Rob. "I had listened to the two prior installments almost 50 times! It really was quite an honor." 'Yes' is a fast tempo banger with a dirty bassline that builds on itself, increasing in energy with every measure. With a catchy melody and several hands-in-the-air moments that pull you in and explode at full throttle, Rob Naylor has created the perfect setting for dancefloor madness. Check out the track "Yes" by Rob Naylor right here. [youtube id="1NsK77cXyFE" width="620" height="360"] While 'Yes' seems like it came together effortlessly, it wasn't always that easy during production. "The track wasn't originally called 'Yes,'" says Rob. "I had been working hard trying to fix one minor technical glitch in the record and finally, after hours of working on it, I managed to figure it out. So I labeled the MP3 file 'YESS!!!' because I had finally finished it. Garuda thought the track was actually called 'Yes' and from then on it was referred as that and we ended up keeping that title." With his hunger to succeed and his relentless desire for improvement, the future seems to hold big things for this teenager from Canada.