Above and Beyond Go Acoustic in Los Angeles

Above & Beyond

Who would have thought that Trance fans could get so excited about an ACOUSTIC event?! As a huge Above & Beyond Fan I’ve seen them live upwards of 10 times in the last year and I still can’t get enough Group Therapy. I was pretty annoyed when I found out that the guys were doing an acoustic show in London and I (clearly) wasn’t able to attend. I probably should’ve known they would eventually come through the States and offer another chance at this magical experience. So I admit, I’m ashamed for ever doubting them!

We don’t know the venue yet, but we do know that they are coming to Los Angeles Saturday October 12th and you can sign up for priority access tickets here: Sign UpĀ 

The link above takes you to a landing page where you can enter your email address and get notified about pre-sale tickets. The landing page also states that Above & Beyond will be performing a special “one-off” acoustic show…But let’s hope they decided to add more cities…

I think the real question is…What would you do for a FREE ticket?

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Daniel Taibleson

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Daniel Taibleson
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