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EmazingLights 3rd Annual International Gloving Championship

Thursday, August 08, 2013
Alex Blake

The first time I saw a “gloving” performance, I was watching a Bloody Beetroots set at Electric Zoo 2012. Being relatively new to the EDM scene at the time, I thought this was just another prop carried around by the fans. However, as our Glover became more intense and complex with his show, creating designs that could only be described as a form of dance art, I began to understand the artistic draw to this developing art form, despite the fact I was kneeling on the ground, watching a guy wiggle his fingers in front of my face. A talented Glover can manipulate the lights in their gloves and the movement of their hands to supplement an obviously mind-blowing show to create an art form connected to, but distinct from, the music itself. The Glover can express their interpretation of the music they’re hearing through their own personal light show, giving EDM another creative outlet in which people can express themselves. Needless to say, the impact the Gloving experience had on me that day led me to seek out a Glover at every show thereafter.

[youtube id="6gbGfDtZkwY" width="620" height="360"] EmazingLights, in its third annual International Gloving Championship, is once again providing a forum in which these talented individuals can express their takes on the music we love so much. In addition to the music, there will be some of the most talented Glovers competing against one another for cash prizes, based on criteria such as execution, musicality, trick difficulty, cleanliness, and variety. Both spectators and competitors are welcome to join the event at the Yost Theatre in Santa Ana, California on September 7th, 2013. [youtube id="BdhhUAZHNi8" width="620" height="360"]

More important than the prizes or personal recognition Glovers may gain, this event itself further solidifies Gloving as a legitimate art form and will continue to allow individuals to express themselves in a different way than was previously thought possible. As the founder of EmazingLights, Brian Lim, said:

“IGC is an annual celebration full of creativity and passion that brings light artists, their friends, and fans together as a family. The competitive aspect of the event also serves to really push forward the art form – it's exciting to see the new skills and innovative moves the competing Glovers bring each year!"
With this in mind, I know I personally will be looking forward to the talented light displays that will be on show at this exciting event. For any other info you can go ahead and check out the Facebook event page here: EmazingLights 3rd Annual International Gloving Championship