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4 Reasons why EDM Fans Really Are The Most Dedicated Fans

Friday, August 16, 2013
Daniel Taibleson

We've all been thinking it, but now, according to this infographic from, we can scream it from a mountain top:

EDM Fans Really are the most dedicated!  

1) EDM Fans Can't get enough. All it takes is one show and we want more!

2) Our Friends are just as dedicated, which shows how powerful the music really is. #TranceFamily #HouseNation FTW!

3) Not only do we attend shows, but we interact more than any of genre of fans on social media before, during and after the show. Love the pre-show rave outfit posts ladies, keep em coming.

4) We would rather pay to go see our favorite artists instead of stream them live. I guess Insomniac is right, it really is all about the The Experience :)

EDM Fans


These are facts from the infographic (aka actual data), but we know you can help us add to this list about why EDM are the most dedicated fans in the world. Share them with us in the comments below!