Auroravizion Giveaway | 2 Pair’s of Diffraction Glasses Up For Grabs!

Auroravizion rainbow diffraction glasses transform your reality into a world of star bursting rainbows for a stunning rave ready visual experience. They’re durable, stylish and come in a variety of mind-blowing designs, so get ready for never-ending evenings of fun, dancing, and visual euphoria.

diffraction glasses

Auroravizion offers many different styles of diffraction glasses in a variety of frames, lens tint, and effects. You can choose between wayfarer frames, aviators, and a variety of classy lady shades including cat eyes and wayfarers with bows, glitter and rhinestones. With Auroravizion, you don’t have to sacrifice style for effect; you’re going to look good while you’re enjoying the land of rainbows, music and dance party magic.



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