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First State's new album 'Full Circle' will fall on deaf ears

Thursday, February 20, 2014
Daniel Taibleson


Full Circle? I don't get it.

First State's new album Full Circle has amazing production techniques but lacks the soul and emotion of his former releases. It's a sad day for the #TranceFamily. And personally, I'm pretty upset. A producer that I consider to be one of my inspirations has completely switched his style, and it sounds pretty bad.

In Trance We Trust

For a guy who titled his first album "In Trance We Trust," I sense an extreme backlash coming from the already über intense Trance Family. When I listened to the tracks from the new album I was just plain bummed out; all the right elements are there, but they turn out flat and hollow, lacking the emotions that a Trance fan understands, looks for in a song, and lives for. As I mentioned above, Sander van Dien is an amazing producer, that's not the issue here. The guy knows what he's doing, which is why it's almost even more confusing/frustrating/upsetting to hear such great potential turned into commercial-electro-'progressive house' bullshit. He has all these amazing vocalists on the album like  Eric Lumiere, Sarah Howells, and Relyk...but they don't fit on these tracks...They're trance vocalists...I'm not saying they can't cross over or sing other genres...but I think it takes a crossover from the other direction to make these types of tracks popular. Aka, you need someone from the mainstream pop industry/culture on your track to make it stand out and appeal to a commercial house audience (if you're going to produce for the uneducated masses, you need to use someone they're already familiar with because clearly they don't take the time to research people like Eric Lumiere). Otherwise, you get a bunch of people (like me) all pumped up and excited to listen to your new album and they end up disappointed.

I hate pretty hard starting now.

I have no real desire to hear any of these tracks again. They sound like everything else being played on Sirius XM's BPM. I consider this a sell-out. This is like THE worst case of trying to create music that caters to a mass market. 

But I have good reason!

And if you think I'm being a hater, you need to listen to some of Sander's earlier work  because he's one of the guys that got me into trance. I'm talkin' Reverie, Cross The Line, BRAVE...come on now. Listen to these (below) and then go back and listen to the tracks he just put out and it's just one big W...T..F...

First State feat. Sarah Howells - Reverie

Potentially one of the best trance songs of all time.

First State - My Sanctuary

Deeper, technical production, Trancy all the way

First State Feat. Relyk - Cross The Line (Extended Mix)

Relyk in top form on a beautiful melody. No 'progressive house' drops in this one. Just good ol piano leading into bangin' chords. So what do you think? Am I losing it? Or do I have a valid point here? I understand it's not the best thing for anyone to spew negativity...But I want the old First State back.