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Here are 9 reasons YOU should be using for your DJ/producer website.

Saturday, March 08, 2014
Conner Thomas

If you're ever going to be moderately successful, you're going to need a website right? Toneden is just the thing for you. Launched recently, is a platform for DJs and producers that is simple, beautiful, and has everything you'd need on your own personal webpage. toneden login When you first go to the site, you land on their front page, which prompts you to sign up with your soundcloud profile. Doing this automatically links your toneden and soundcloud profiles, and lets your toneden display your tracks on soundcloud as a widget on the front of your page. Your custom web address then gets set to whatever your custom soundcloud URL is. Personally, mine is mosfetofficial, so my toneden address is All you have to do after that is enter in some info such as your email, some contact info, and social media link, and you're pretty much all set to go!

paid features

For even more features, you can set up a payment of 5$ per month and have access to all sorts of neat things! You first get the option of having a "onesheet" - basically a landing page that you send to promoters and other booking agents, that has all the relevant information in one place. ToneDen Analytics Page You also get detailed analytics for your page, as well as the ability to customize the style of your landing page, the animations, as well as other aspects. In addition to that, if you own your own domain name, you can set it up to forward to your toneden page, and then it will appear as whatever URL you own that you set it to. I own as a top-level domain, so I have that forward to my toneden page.

Why do we like

1. It's fast. Don't you hate it when websites take forever to load? We sure do. 2. It has a free option that isn't feature-throttled. 3. The paid option is inexpensive and well worth the price. 4. It's minimal. Cluttered websites are unprofessional and obnoxious. 5. The support is fantastic - the guys behind it helped me through setting mine up. 6. It puts the music first. Sure, interviews and memes are great, but the main reason you came here is for my music. 7. It is easy to set up a custom domain name. can redirect to your page. That simple. 8. It is a responsive design. Works just as well on tablets and phones as it does on a laptop. 9. It is easily customizable. Upload background images, change colors, etc. It is easy to make it YOUR page.

Party Favor ToneDen

Still not convinced? Maybe this video can help: