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Kaskade Speaks, 'Our Time is Now': How You Are Leading a Music Revival

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Elizabeth Ninivaggi

"Electronic Music is having a moment. And we are living in it."

[Tweet "Electronic Music is having a moment. And we are living in it."] The words from Kaskade speak for themselves as he opens up about his upcoming performance in this year's unicorn festival Mysteryland at the historic Woodstock grounds. He comments on the musical revolution that our millennial generation has started mirroring what was the sixties "free love" phenomena over fifty years ago. Replacing what was rock guitars and iconic revolutionist like Jimi Hendrix, we've simply swapped instruments and replaced them with electronics. What some bitter antics, such as Arcade Fire who gave an infamous message at Coachella this year saying that DJs were not playing real instruments (clearly they've never seen The Glitch Mob or Rudimental but I'll save that argument for another time), Kaskade is firm in his belief that electronic music and its "fusion of technology and artistry" is simply just another way of what rockers did fifty years ago.  In his eyes, we are repeating the past, just swapping instruments with electronics but still pushing music forward. In essence, Kaskade is the perfect spokesperson for this argument, not only is he arguably one of the greatest creative and diverse producers of our generation; but he impeccably speaks the truth. In past weeks storms of heated debates have flooded social media over this "real music debate" and this has fallen in our laps at the perfect time and Kaskade boasts, "this is the right movement....the time is now."


Why does Music Fight Itself?

Electronic Music  is a threat, and a big one. Not only for live music, but for the entire industry itself. Threats purpose danger, and danger creates fear which turns into anger - hence what our generation has coined the term, "haters". Whether you're a newcomer to this electronic music culture, or a longtime fan who knows Tiesto by his trance days, we often find ourselves arguing, almost protecting, this genre against the popular mainstream music lovers, what the Woodstock attendees did in the sixties we are doing now - we silence the haters and form our own community, one that is based upon the love of music and well, love in general. Electronics have become the essentials in our lives, from the Computer to the iPhone, technological advances bring forth change; when did people ever think music would not be affected by this? The debate the will go on, and will never be resolved. Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.29.24 PM

Repeating the Past in OUR Own Way

Just because there aren't drums and guitars on stage and themes of war protests doesn't mean our generation isn't doing the same exact thing. We've just replaced these with our own enhancements - because us millennials like to be original and unique. Are we bringing a message with these mainstream festivals that are plastered with images of teenagers in fuzzy boots and pasties or pictures of celebrities dressed up like poor hippies? Our infamous millennial generation has always been rebellious and maybe a little selfish, but this is who we are and we represent this through our own free will that we love to display in music festivals - our getaway from the real world. Sounds a lot like Woodstock to me...

Mysteryland becomes a Leader in the Movement

What Mysteryland brings forth that others music festivals fail to is the tainted image, it's debut in the United States has become one of the most talked about events in music this year. Kaskade speaks extremely highly of the longest running electronic music festival in the world saying, "THIS is why it’s so exciting to be headed to Bethel, New York to be headlining Mysteryland at Woodstock in May". Though we can never replace icons such as Janis Joplin rocking the stage or  flower crowns (made with actual real flowers) we can connect to our past through the singular ideal of music with a purpose. With Kaskade as our devoted spokesperson, we'll carry on doing what are generation does best, silencing the talk and moving forward with action as festivals have become at their most popular peak ever. As he says himself, "music speaks when words fail" and that's exactly the truth.  For Kaskade's full Tumblr post you can read his words here.