ANNOUNCEMENT: Cosmic Gate is Hoping You’ll “Start To Feel” Excitement for Their New Album

A few days ago, Armada Music released this short but magnificent video on their Youtube page:

You read it right – Nic Chagall and Bossi, also known as beloved trance duo Cosmic Gate, are finally releasing a new album this summer! As seen in the video, it will be titled “Start to Feel.”

Their most recent single, “So Get Up,” was an energy-fueled, slower-tempoed trance piece that mirrored the recent change in style of Above & Beyond to a more “Trance 2.0” type of vibe. So this begs the question: is this album going to take a more progressive stylistic change, or is it going to follow the normal melodic trance that Cosmic Gate is known for? Maybe it’s both. Either way, we here at Only The Beat are pretty excited to see the result because it’s sure to be good!


Cosmic Gate


Christina Hernandez

Christina Hernandez

A die-hard trance family member and a lover of all things related to electronic music, this Oaklander lives for the times when she can let loose and dance. Maybe prone to make corny pun jokes and clichés.
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