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Slander's Heaven Trap is Pushing the Evolution of EDM

Monday, May 12, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

The Heaven Trap Evolution

There are specific genres of music so powerful that no matter how much our society changes and evolves this genre is able to remain relevant. Trance is one of those genres. The structure of a trance track is heavily focused on building anticipation and using powerful chords to create emotional connection with the music. Because of this it has been able to maintain a strong and loyal niche audience. An audience that tends to love all genres of music. Trap is a very new genre to the EDM world that has exploded in popularity, but in a very mainstream way. And one of the things about dance music is that when something goes mainstream, it's not exactly a good thing. That might be a personal opinion. But we've seen it happen countless times over the past 5 years, losing artists we once cherished as innovators, like Tiesto and Guetta, to big commercial checks. Regardless of whether or not a genre is mainstream or 'popular,' I'm starting to see more and more artists who blend genres become a part of the dance music conversation faster than those who are not. Becoming part of the conversation "Fast" is by no means the only metric of success, especially if the artist isn't the one controlling the conversation (dictating the brand messaging), but it's definitely a benefit if you're doing these guys PR. This seems quite obvious in retrospect, but other artists still aren't connecting the dots. In an era of endless access to music and information at our fingertips, where attention spans are less than 3 seconds, only the best new tunes are going to survive. And right now, it's sounding like Heaven Trap.

Slander is a breath of fresh air.

They've set out on a mission to take the best parts of their favorite genres, melt them together, and create music they love. (Which is like wow, congrats guys, you're doing exactly what musicians are supposed to do! But it doesn't exactly happen that way anymore, does it...) Look at people like BT and Max Graham, guys that don't care about existing in one genre or whatever genre is most popular at the moment. Slander is following in their footsteps and at the same time paving a new path for young artists looking to break the mold.
There is a lot of negativity working in news/media/publishing, and at times it can feel like all news is bad news. Sometimes I feel like I'm just going down my inbox saying, "next, next, next, shit, next" because so many of the submissions we get are, well, produced with the wrong intent. I've already shared this track with the OTB team and we can't stop talking about it internally. After we heard their first Heaven Trap release, a remix of Above & Beyond's Love is Not Enough, we immediately did a follow-up interview with the guys to discuss Heaven Trap and their vision for the genre. You can read that here:


slander-heaven-trap-seven-lions-ellie-goulding And now, without further ado, enjoy Slander's latest Heaven Trap remix of Seven Lions Don't Leave Featuring the always amazing Ellie Goulding on vocals. The title of the genre explains it all.

Seven Lions - Don't Leave Ft. Ellie Goulding (Slander Heaven Trap Edit)

A little bit of glitch hop, some trap, a dash of trance. As dance music continues to progress I'm pleased to know that there are artists out there who aren't afraid to make music for themselves.