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Feed Me Announces North America Bus Tour

Thursday, May 22, 2014
Ona Kroesen

Just as you thought this festival season couldn't get any better, Feed Me's Jon Gooch announces he's back for a North American tour. Many of his fans thought they would never see him play live again, but Feed Me never disappoints!

Feed Me Announces North America Bus Tour

We're all surprised with the announcement of a North American bus tour along with a four track EP 'Time For Myself'.  An exclusive presale package which includes a copy of 'Time For Myself' will be available May 29th, 2014 a 10am PDT. Prepare yourselves for this psychedelic journey! Sign Up for Feed Me's 'Time For Myself' Tour: Presale [caption id="attachment_20622" align="aligncenter" width="386"]Feed Me North American bus tour Feed Me North American bus tour[/caption]

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This track fulfills all those bouncy, electro-house cravings while making your face melt with bass. After listening to this track four times in a row, I still find myself uncontrollably bouncing and stomping my feet to this funky tune. Jon Gooch incorporates his artistic talent and ear for music to create a track that embodies his classic Feed Me sound with a modified Drum & Bass/Dubstep feel.