Kaskade announces plans for new musical platform

kaskadeOn the morning of June 4th, Kaskade announced via twitter that he will be starting his own musical platform similar to SoundCloud, Mixcloud and the likes. In his statement, he says he will “move forward with construction my own portal where I can share what I like when I like”.

Ever since January, DJs have been noticing that a lot of their material has been disappearing from SoundCloud due to copyright infringement issues. For bigger named DJs like Kaskade whose accounts are backed up by labels such as Ultra, they could easily replace the deleted songs but for up and coming DJs such as Hendrix, their entire accounts were eradicated.

Kaskade vs. SoundCloud

Unfortunately, it took 32 e-mails from SoundCloud in two days as well as 70% of his content being removed from his page to inspire Kaskade to make a change within the online DJ community. With the strict copyright laws on music-sharing websites these days, remixes, mashups, edits and samples are almost impossible to be legally uploaded.


Perhaps Kaskade’s new project will take a similar form to Deadmau5’s live subscription server where you can get access to livestreams, new music, exclusive videos and more. Regardless of how he plans to start this new venture, Kaskade has called his the end of the SoundCloud era and Kaskade himself just might be the savior.


Lalita Stone

Lalita Stone

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