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EDC Live Snapchat: Enhancing or degrading the 'experience'?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

EDC. It's all about the experience.

Insomniac's famous tagline and pitch to the public. They've been extremely successful at selling their experience in the barren Nevada desert and this year, for the first time, Insomniac will be curating live video from EDC Las Vegas in order to share the 'experience' with those who cannot attend. Live streaming is allll the rage this year. We've seen it at UMF, Coachella, and now EDC.

EDC Live

Snapchat & Phones

Insomniac is becoming smarter. They've redesigned their website with an emphasis on content, which was brilliant, but also threatens to take a share of the market from blogs like us. I'm fine with it, and I applaud their business decision, brand publishing has already become essential to any big brands online content marketing efforts. Last night, every single person on snapchat received a promotional snap from Team Snapchat promoting EDC Live. This was amazing for dance music, amazing to have it recognized as a global phenomenon, and amazing to have such a progressive platform used to carry the message. Pretty powerful stuff, and I guarantee it worked for them. But our team had mixed feelings about it, especially because Pasquale Rotella specifically stated in this ocweekly article "I hate seeing cellphones in the air, I want to see people dancing and experiencing the festival. Technology has gone to far." So we posed this question to edm fans everywhere:  
What do you think? It's obviously a good way to share the 'experience' with people who aren't at the show, but isn't that kind of the point? Going to the show IS the experience? Snaps are more popular than ever, and I have to admit, it sounds pretty awesome, but does encouraging the use of phones and snaps detract from the 'experience' Insomniac cultivated in the first place? Or maybe you'd rather go to burning man. Vote on our poll and let us know what you think: