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Discover the future of R&B with BBC Radio 1

Monday, June 30, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

The Story of Future R&B

This radio show is all about 90's babies and the future of R&B. This new generation of R&B artists is fusing the soulful music we love from the 90's with the groovy and increasingly-popular House music sounds that are taking the airwaves by storm. Jamz Supernova has a lovely voice and even MORE lovely insight into the future of R&B, something I believe is worth covering on Only The Beat. *update 7/1/2014: I asked Jamz Supernova on twitter what she thought of this article and here is her response:

R&B will be the catalyst for Deep House popularity in the USA

Although BBC Radio 1 is produced in the UK, the station has solidified its place in history as a global tastemaker. If Pete Tong gives your track a world premiere, well sir, you've made it. But this mix is about R&B, OTB doesn't like R&B, right? Wrong. We love R&B, we love every genre, especially one like R&B that has been so influential on house music. We have mad respect for all artists in all genres, but even more importantly, the Future R&B Jamz shared with us today are going to be the perfect segway for a whole new group of edm enthusiast. Music fans who are currently in a love affair with hip-hop and R&B have already begun to notice Deep House artists and vice versa; Deep House producers are rising to fame (at least in # of Soundcloud followers) quicker than ever before, getting recognition from this new group that's familiar with the 4 on the floor structure of House music that's so similar to hip-hop and R&B. tumblr_mmpguhZMag1s3542mo1_500 For example, let's say you have a friend who's been a long time Hip-hop fan: Openly a hater against all things EDM, they always opt for Summer Jam over Sasquatch, and they know every lyric to every 2pac song ever (even Thug Love!). We all have this friend. Think back on all of the arguments you've had over music with this person. Now imagine you have ONE chance to send them to ONE show to change their mind about dance music. Would you send them to a sexy lounge to see Cyril Hahn play tracks like his remix of Mariah Carey's Touch My Body or would you send them to club show to see Skrillex rip it with nonstop dub and electro? Now forget about your friend and pose this question to MARIAH CAREY'S 20 MILLION FACEBOOK FANS. (Side note, I DID THIS with one of my best friends and he had to go to the ear doctor after we saw Skrillex. He's never been the same since.)

We need better music...

I've been having this discussion more and more with people I regard highly in this industry, but I don't know if I've firmly put my pen to paper and made my opinion known. Deep House music, because of this new Future R&B movement, will not only continue to fuel EDM's meteoric rise in global popularity, it will eclipse Electro House as the most popular genre of EDM and take over the throne as the most socially acceptable form of music to turn on at a house party. Don't be the last to know, listen to the mix below and share it with your friends. Be a catalyst for a BETTER MUSIC revolution. Regardless of genre. The Story of Future R&B

BBC Radio 1 Stories - The Story of Future R&B

Jamz Supernova takes a look into the exciting and experimental world of Future R&B. Inspired by 90’s culture and fuelled by modern technology, meet the innovative generation of future stars who are transforming R&B. Jamz meets the Future R&B fleet; kelelam , Bondax, justsza, fullcrate, influential label Soulection and Diplo as well as original R&B superstar, Amerie to examine this progressive new sound’s deeply nostalgic root in 90s culture. Plus Jamz captures Amerie’s reactions to some of these cutting edge tracks to find out how it feels to have inspired a new wave. [source:] I'd love to hear your thoughts about the mix as well as my comments on Deep House and Future R&B. Drop me a line in the comments section below and I will make sure to answer every single one of you. And as always, remember:

~It's more than music~