Take OTB Everywhere with our New Swag!

We know you love electronic music, and we know you also like looking fly as hell. I mean, let’s be real, even if you’re wearing just some board shorts and a spirit hoodie, or if you’re wearing 8 different kinds of neon polyester strings tied around your body juuuust enough to cover the parts on your body that would make you legally naked, we know that you took a lot of time into looking good for your favorite show/festival/warehouse party.

Sure, that'll do.

Sure, that’ll do.

We have got some gear for you…and it is




Forget even just wearing your OTB T-shirt or tank to a show, wear it to your supermarket, your calculus midterm, to your great grandmother’s nursing home (even if she doesn’t get EDM, bless her sweet heart).

My point is, we have some clothing available with our logo, but it is only for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

Muy sexy, no?

Muy sexy, no?

Bros, you can choose if you’re more of a crew neck or v-neck guy and ladies, do you want that tight racerback tank, the loose tank or will you rock the tee? Can’t decide on black or white? BUY BOTH. The choices are endless. Buy now, and get one for your friend too. Or your mom. Or even your sweet, sweet great grandma (even if she doesn’t know what EDM is, bless her sweet heart). They’ll love it. All of the shirts are printed on high quality garments from American Apparel.




I'm a bit of a witty firecracker whose name you'll never be able to pronounce. I like long walks on the (Burning Man) playa and I've got a bit of a secret romance with minimal techno. My favorite tracks range all genres - music is music, no matter which way you play it. Watch out, because I can dance like a dinosaur.
- 6 months ago
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