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Kygo Set To Release His First Original Track

Wednesday, July 09, 2014
Matthew Jager

Kygo, one of Norway's rising electronic stars, is set to release his first ever original track. He posted a photo today of him in the studio mastering the track.
This has me very excited. After seeing Kygo live at the Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver earlier this year and witnessing first hand the talent he possesses, getting a Kygo original is something everyone should be excited about. Thus far Kygo has only done remixes...if you can call them that. Each track he lays his hands on takes on a life of its own. His unique sound and style can be distinguished immediately when a track comes on, and the light cheerful tone his style sets  has made Kygo a favorite for quite a lot of people. I See Fire, Miami 82, Sexual Healing, and Angels are just a few of the songs that Kygo has taken and made his own. I will be very interested to see how his talent at remixing translates to original work. Will he be a natural composer, or is he best at putting together amazing remixes? Only time will tell for now, but hopefully we will find out soon.

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