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Alesso: Change is in the Air

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Zack Long

Alesso Tear the roof up Most people don't like change. A lot of people find it unsettling if they have to change things around, but how else would we grow? Change is just a part of life, and, for Alesso, a lot of it is coming. Our favorite Swedish DJ has just announced that he has signed to a new label. He is now part of the Virgin EMI Records and Def Jam Recordings family, but what does that mean for the future? That means that you can get ready for a lot of new material to come from Alesso. In fact, he has already debuted a brand new track called "Tear The Roof Up," of which he said:

"The beginning of a whole new era for me. New label. New records."

Some have speculated that Alesso is possibly working on a new full album. It does seem like it has been awhile since we have heard a whole lot of news from him, but if that is indeed the case, we cannot wait. With the amount of new tracks that Alesso has been playing in his sets (looking at you Ultra and EDC), it would appear that he definitely has something exciting in the works. Alesso excited Hopefully we will hear more about that soon. Two of my favorite tracks by Alesso have been played a lot recently in his sets, but he has otherwise been silent about them. Luckily there are a few clips of them floating around and we have included them here for your listening pleasure.

Whatever it may be, Alesso has something BIG in the works, and we cannot wait to hear more about it. Make sure you keep a look out on Alesso World for all of the latest and up-to-date news from the man himself. Get ready, something big is coming. Alesso Something is Coming