Who needs the top 100 when you can the bottom?

Kudos to whoever threw this together.

DJ Mag’s Top 100 Poll is a joke and everyone knows it. Prepare to be dethroned DJ Mag, you know as well as everyone else out there it’s coming sooner rather than later. This spoof site is just another testament to how shady your poll really is. It’s terribly unrepresentative of quality edm artists who actually deserve recognition. Not to mention,  there are countless rumors about DJ’s paying for advertising with DJ Mag to receive higher rankings…Many of my professional sources, who wish to remain unnamed, have confirmed my belief with similar stories of advertising driven rankings. Don’t forget to think about why someone took the time (and money) to make this site…

Pretty funny. Check it out for yourself below.

Deadmau5’s thoughts?

If you’re wondering, Deadmau5, you made both my top and bottom list this year. But I’m sure you don’t care.


Daniel Taibleson

Daniel Taibleson

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Daniel Taibleson
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