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Light show? Or the winning routine from the World Yo-Yo Contest

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

Gentry Stine, 18, from California, USA headed off to Prague this summer for the 2014 World Yoyo contest. The eventual winner beat entrants from all over the world and luckily for us, his winning routine was caught on tape. What does this have to do with dance music you ask? 1. This eerily reminds you of something you've seen in the back of a warehouse rave 2. Gentry's routine is set to a mix of Dubstep, Electro, and DnB 

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Now that YOU'VE watched the routine I have a few questions for you. 1) Do you think you could do any one of the yo-yo tricks in Gentry's routine? 2) Do you think Gentry's yo-yo moves would serve his social life better if he converted them into dance moves? 3) ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? If you answered no to questions number three, here is a little gallery I put together featuring some creative glowstick gifs and images. Rave on!   [gallery type="slideshow" ids="24280,24279,24278,24277,24276,24275,24274,24273,24272,24271"]