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Soundcloud is rolling out advertising between tracks

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Monetizing Soundcloud

I’ve been wondering how Soundcloud was going to monetize it’s platform in order to attract big attention. Their subscription model is firmly in place, but you have to wonder how much they really make from it; and truthfully, advertisers pockets are alluring to any business person, not to mention deep. Even if 1 million people had a Pro Account on Soundcloud (which costs $135), they would only gross 135 million dollars, which isn’t anywhere close to the numbers a social network would pull with big advertising behind it.

Introduce advertising, and the game changes completely. Who knows what this will do to the platform, but one things for sure, Soundcloud could move from it’s current state, which is really just a web app/web based tool for uploading and sharing music, into a real streaming service that would compete with Spotify. Imagine: Soundcloud Radio? I wouldn’t mind seeing someone compete with XM radio, I’m sick of hearing the same 100 tracks looped over and over again on the BPM channel.

Hopefully the video above was brief and helpful at the same time. If you do happen to have a little more time on your hands, I’d suggest giving these longer editorials a read!

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