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Check Out Toneden's New Community for Producers

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Conner Thomas

By now you know how much we love the guys over at Toneden, but you probably didn't know that they just did a massive update to their site! Don't you wish there was a site where you could post your music, as well as network with and follow other producers? But wait! You might say, "But Conner, we have that! It's called Soundcloud!" You wouldn't be wrong, but do small producers still even have a chance on Soundcloud? Probably not. Toneden wants to change that: With Soundcloud's  recent introduction of advertisements, this might be the best time to run away and never come back. Now, you would still host your music on Soundcloud, but Toneden's method of delivering content is leagues better than Soundcloud's ever has been. 1. If you get followed on ToneDen, you’re automatically followed on SoundCloud 2. Every post you make reaches 100% of your followers 3. You avoid competing against non-music related entities for attention I've said this before and I'll say it again - I use Toneden for my production/DJ website, and I love it. The interface is slick, the support is awesome (seriously, their team is rad), and everything always works the way I want it to. You should too, especially with the awesome new features that were just added.