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MAKJ fans lash out in comments over Holocaust photo

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

The picture you're looking at above is of electronic dance music producer and DJ MAKJ in Berlin standing on the stones of a Holocaust memorial. One that specifically asks visitors to stay¬†off the stones. To most of us, this might look like a pretty cool instagram pic. But for those of you who've been following MAKJ, this is another incident in his long list of bad-PR moves. You guys...This memorial is literally called the "Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe." Not something you're supposed to be smiling about. And not something I would be standing on. As you can imagine the internet is going nuts and the comments on MAKJ's photo speak for themselves. I've decided to embed the post so you can read them for yourself:  
For example: makj berlin holocaust Ouch. Maybe MAKJ forgot his translator and couldn't read the signs asking people to stay off? Or maybe he's just unbelievably ignorant? As someone with Jewish heritage, I'm not really sure how to feel. I don't let other peoples actions affect me, but is this too egregious to let slip? What do you think? *Update 8/28/2014: MAKJ apologized to his fans with this facebook post