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deadmau5 vs Disney! Let the games begin!

Thursday, September 04, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

You wish Disney...

Really Disney? You honestly believe that deadmau5's helmet is encroaching on your brand? Sounds like you might need to check your confidence levels? I can't understand any conceivable situation where this would lose money for Disney, or deadmau5 for that matter. "Hey! Did you ever think that Mickey Mouse's head kind of looks like deadmau5's mouse head? lol" (rips bong) Cha-ching $$$ "Hey! I just realized deadmau5's helmet kinda looks like Mickey Mouse, lol" (rips bong) Cha-ching $$$ See what I'm saying here? This might not be grounded in legal jargon, but it's pretty obvious that the brand recognition is a positive thing. Disney should be BEGGING deadmau5 to be their newest resident DJ...I'd say he's turned out to be a better role model than Selena Gomez or Amanda Bynes (RIP cool/funny/kinda normal Amanda Bynes). deadmau5-disney-legal-battle-trademark

What the news is saying:

TMZ reported that Disney is trying to block the trademark filed by deadmau5 on his mouse head logo, saying it's too similar to the iconic Mickey Mouse head. Funny thing is, deadmau5 has already trademarked the design in over 30 countries including the UK, Japan, and Germany. Which is like, weird, seeing as there is a Disney Land in Tokyo tokyo-disneyland

deadmau5's reaction? 

I'm sure you can guess what he did... Yup! Straight to twitter, changing his profile picture to the cutest mau5 of all, Jerry (not sure if he knows that's Jerry and not Mickey...? Doesn't matter, deadmau5 can do what he wants). deadmau5-disney-twitter The best tweet? oh and this:  No comment yet from Disney. I guess deadmau5 may never play Cinderella's Castle, but there's a good lesson for our younger readers who might be reading this: When one door closes and another door opens!