Stream Slow Magic’s New Album On Hype Machine

One of the most progressive and groundbreaking artists in recent years, Slow Magic, is about to release his second full length album. Titled “How To Run Away,” this album has been one of my most anticipated albums ever since discovering Slow Magic a few months back. After sitting down and talking with him during Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party, I gained an even larger appreciation for his music and him as an artist.

Until recently, only two songs from the album had been available for listening to. Now, you can now stream the full album on Hype Machine as well as pre-order it on various music services. Find the full album via the link below and you can also catch Slow Magic live this September through October as he heads out on his “How To Run Away’ tour featuring support from Kodak To Graph and Daktyl.


fall tour


Matthew Jager
From LA to Seattle, the West Coast has always been my home and I take great pride in the music scene we have here. Bass music is my first love, but in reality I love and appreciate all types of music...besides country. Let the music talk. You just have to be ready to listen.
Matthew Jager
- 7 days ago
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