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Deadmau5 Has Some Big News

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Zack Long

deadmau5 question mark First came a brand new subscription based website for all things deadmau5. After that came the incredible new album, while(1<2). What's next you might ask? A name and a year. Two videos have surfaced on deadmau5' YouTube page with no description. This was quickly followed by a twitter post that said: "and thats all the info you're going to get."



Deadmau5, what are you cooking up?

Deadmau5 has mentioned several times in interviews that he has been planning something big, an arena sized 360 degree show to be exact, but other than that we have not heard much. This is definitely moving us one step closer to that show becoming a reality. With a set date of 2015 and a name like "entropy," which is defined as the measure of the disorder of a system, we are definitely going to be in for a treat next year. It's really happening. deadmau5 happening deadmau5 stay calm In fact you can even prepare yourself for the disorder starting now by slapping one of three desktop backgrounds that deadmau5 posted on Twitter onto your computer. With all the news about the legal troubles that are going on between deadmau5 and Disney, it is nice to hear about something music related that we can all look forward to. This is still just the beginning, and we have a lot of time between now and 2015, but I have no doubt in my mind that this tour is going to be absolutely incredible. Make sure to follow us here at Only The Beat as well as the man himself over at for all of the latest updates on deadmau5, his upcoming tour, and much more. 2014 has already been a memorable year for the mau5, but this is just the start of something massive. Are you ready? deadmau5 ready