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Crashing Music Festivals & Kicking Ass - "No Cameras Allowed"

Saturday, September 13, 2014
Chris Bergin

A few months ago a mysterious trailer emerged on the interwebs previewing the film "No Cameras Allowed". All it took was this short 2 min & 24 second clip and I was sold. His refreshingly unique approach to experience some of the greatest festivals in the world is wildly entertaining, and well worth the 1hr 20min watch. If you don't have the $ to attend a festival, why let that stop you? Marcus Haney's outlandish attempts to experience the VIP lifestyle make for quite a compelling storyline. From Coachella to Glastonbury to Austin City Limits, this kid crushes them all. Sneaking in while posing as a Press Photographer, and swimming in a sea of phony wrist bands, Marcus managed to capture some of the best live footage I've ever seen. edward-sharpe- Aside from his delightful cinematography, I found this film captivating because it's so damn inspiring. Marcus took something he was passionate about and made it his profession. It must have taken an unbelievable amount of self-confidence to ditch the system and pursue his undoubtably unconventional dream. So, who's down for a road trip? Here's the full film, premiered on MTV.