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Ultra Music Festival 2015 Tickets On Sale Now!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

If you follow Ultra Music Festival on Twitter, your feed was probably filled with pictures of laptop screens yesterday. And the day before that, Ultra was clogging up your feed with "how many hours left" tweets. And if you subscribe to their newsletter, you got some timely emails from Ultra, all declaring one thing… Ultra Music Festival Tickets are on sale! ultra ticket  

It's never too soon to start planning for Festival Season

Ultra, as many artists tell you, is where festival season starts. This festival is where all the new tunes come out to party with the world for the first time on stage. Set in the heart of Miami, Ultra is back for its 17th year spanning three days, March 27-29. Ultra sure has kept itself in the limelight as it stated on September 2nd that it is now going to be an 18+ event. Although cries came from the younger generation about this news, many people saw this as a good thing, regarding the recent eruption of bad press these festivals have been receiving for hospitalizations and teenage deaths. I see it as a security thing regarding Ultra’s relationship with Miami seeing as they also stated they were adding even more security measures this year, other than age requirement.

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Hot Topic: Ticket Prices 

On September 23rd, the Tuesday before Tomorrowworld, Ultra released their ticket prices along with opening up pre-registration tickets to be bought. In their article, they highlighted that the ticket prices would be reduced for the first time in its history. Don'thold your breath though; they only dropped the prices by $50. You will more than make up for it when you buy a t-shirt and a couple beers there. While the price drop isn’t much, it started the hype for Ultra 2015. But this week tops the cake.

RELIVE Ultra 2014 video

Monday, we were pleasantly surprised when Ultra dropped their RELIVE Ultra 2014 video on Youtube. It received rave reviews from Erik Skoog, an Only The Beat writer who reviewed the video. Though being only 15 minutes, he said he loved the cinematics Final Kid Film created in this video along with the energy the film captured. While interviewing artists and fans about Ultra Music Festival, it sprays the screen with video shots of the festival. Mastered with a brilliant audio mix including some amazing progressive house songs, Ultra outdid themselves with the emotion this video holds and creates. It reminds us why we love this music, while creating quite a buzz about 2015’s version. Only to add to Monday’s video, tickets went on sale today. Starting at $299.95, the prices increase from $379.95 to $449.95. Did you see the price drop? I didn’t really, all I see are huge ticket prices, but it is well worth it. They also added in payment plans again this year for the people that can’t afford the big one-time fee. As I wrote this, the two lowest prices sold out for General Admission so get your tickets for Ultra Music Festival 2015 fast before they sell out.

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