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Watch Eric Prydz rock MSG with the World's largest Hologram

Wednesday, October 01, 2014
Christina Hernandez

...Because hot damn! Do you see those lasers? No really. Do you see them??
Eric Prydz

This picture doesn't really do it justice. Here, check out this entire video!

That, my friends, is the wonder of 32 high-powered lasers hitting the audience members of Eric Prydz's third EPIC show (EPIC 3.0) straight on. As a massive fan of lasers and cool light shows of any kind, I was instantly regretting not spending roughly $1,000 to fly to New York, stay in a hotel, and seeing this incredible spectacle with my own eyes. What put the icing on the cake? A video earlier today posted by Prydz of a "4k Hologram." What does that look like? See below.

Yup, you're seeing that right; it is indeed a gigantic three-dimensional loop of DNA that jumps out at the audience. Official regret of not going to EPIC is complete - I think I have to go next year. Sure EDC, Tomorrowland, HARD events, and all the other big-name festivals have great visuals but clearly Prydz knows how to give his fans something beyond that. Yowza!

Feeling a bit more interested in this amazing guy? Thought so. Download and revel in the three hour set from that night and pretend you were right there with the rest of the lucky souls there who got to see these lights and the legend himself in person!

Hit me with those laser beams.