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Skrillex Wows in Trailer for New Documentary "Let's Make A Spaceship"

Thursday, October 02, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Skrillex, in a new partnership with Redbull TV, has just released a teaser-trailer for a new documentary titled, Let’s Make A Spaceship. This documentary delves into the inner workings of his new tour starting October 14th in Magna, Utah. Click the link below to watch the trailer on Redbull's spiffy site:

Teaser Trailer: Skrillex's "Let's Make A Spaceship" documentary trailer

Focusing on his production crew and a new warehouse, we see Skrillex show off skills that we aren’t used to seeing, especially working on light boards and light shows. I don’t know about you, but when I attend concerts I consistently think about the lighting these shows feature and wonder how they magically seem to 'sync up' with the music. I find myself asking, "How much input do the DJs really have in creating the the light production?" It’s perfectly clear from the Let’s Make A Spaceship trailer, Skrillex has extensive knowledge of lighting and is responsive for creating the key ideas behind the madness we see on tour. skrillex mothership tour Beginning the trailer with Skrillex skateboarding down a road in his Kill The Noise sweatshirt, we overhear Sonny talk about his drive as a DJ; seeing the crowd’s reaction to his set gives him as much gratification as the crowd hearing him. Being one of the leaders in the EDM industry since its explosion, he continues pushing the boundaries in his music and in his shows. My immediate memory is his Mothership Tour when he had a screen behind him that would follow his actions. As Sonny continues, he talks about a new warehouse that his whole team uses to test out his new sets. A VIP remix of ‘Try It Out’ satisfies our ears as the production crew is show working on the complex lighting structures. Skrillex is shown throughout the trailer making his own remarks including a hint at a big explosion of light when he plans to play ‘The Devil’s Den.’ The trailer itself is amazing, I cannot wait until the full documentary is released.

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Luckily we won’t have to wait too long for the full version as it will be released October 11th, immediately following his set at Austin City Limits at 8:45 PM. Give the teaser a look and mark your calendars for the release of this documentary. Check for tickets of his tour here, you will not want to miss out.