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Jukely Unlimited: Welcome to the Netflix of Concert Experiences

Friday, October 10, 2014
Angelica Dietzel

Okay avid show attendees and festival go-ers, imagine a world where going to all your favorite events and seeing your favorite artist didn't completely bankrupt you. A place where you actually had extra cash to spend during and after the festivities. Let's face it $200 or more for a two-day event isn't easy to pull off nowadays. I have good news, Jukely is making our dreams come true!

You've heard of Netflix right?

Of course you have, pay a certain amount a month and get unlimited access to your favorite shows and movies. Now picture the same experience with your favorite shows and festivals... simply genius. Jukely announced yesterday the release of Jukely Unlimited, a subscription service that allows you to potentially see your favorite artists in your area for only a whopping $25 a month! Jukely, co founded by Andrew Cornett and Bora Celik, is a service already famous for connecting you to your favorite artist by recommending artists at a venue near you and helping you discover who's playing all around your region. Not only that, they also let you enter for chances to win tickets to see your favorite artist. If that isn't enough help and love for us already, with this new feature, they are truly changing the future of our concert experiences. In a press release yesterday, Jukely Co-Founder Bora Celik expressed:
“We created Jukely to make it easier for music fans around the world to discover and enjoy new live music, and with Jukely Unlimited we couldn’t be more excited to take this to the next level by offering unlimited concerts in your area... Jukely Unlimited couldn’t be easier to use – it even does the planning on its own and presents subscribers with the option to attend a broad range of shows!”
As of yesterday, Jukely Unlimited became available to New York and their 17 participating venues. None of this would be made possible without the closing of a new $2.4 Million funding round led by early Spotify investors, Northzone, and former Warner Music executive Alex Zubillaga’s fund, 14W. Everyday new venues are added to this list, soon enough this feature will land in your home state. Lets thank Jukely for making this generation of music experience a hell of a lot easier, but now the excruciating countdown until it arrives in your town begins... New Yorkers can now  access  Jukely Unlimited here, for everyone else, keep a close eye out for announcements when it comes to a city near you!

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