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Knife Party\'s ‘Abandon Ship’ out Oct. 27th

Saturday, October 11, 2014
Angelica Dietzel

For most bass heads out there, if you're anything like me, you haven't been this excited for an album since… well, since Knife Party dropped their last Album right before Electric Daisy Carnival 2012. The new album drops just in time for his appearance at the Halloween massive BOO! at Barclays Center in New York and his headlining performance at Hard Day of the Dead in LA the following night. [caption id="attachment_26743" align="aligncenter" width="720"]knifeparty Photo by: The Manc Photographer[/caption] Its been a long time coming for a new album release from this electronic dance music duo and the anticipation has everyone in the EDM world on their toes. Luckily for us the wait gets a little bit easier.. Dating back to the beginning of August, Rob Swire of Knife Party posted a teaser on his Sound-cloud for a track called ‘Boss Mode’ which had everyone in question due to its trap sounding drop. A few weeks after that, Knife Party made one of their singles ‘Resistance’ from the new album available for free on and the buzz that was created for this banger has everyone curious about what the rest of the album has in store. Just a couple couple weeks ago, a new track ‘Begin Again’ was leaked to much to our surprise and Knife Party received several opinions via twitter and Facebook about his newest song. One tweet included “Not impressed by @knifepartyinc new song… decent build up to a very disappointing drop.” It seems as though Knife Party has channeled some of the Pendulum-esque sounds for this tune as opposed to their last album with heavy-hitting bass tunes like Rage Valley, Bonfire, and Sleaze. The official music video for this track was just made visible to us October 1st, watch below, and you can now get ‘Resistance’ and ‘Begin Again’ free when you pre-order their album on iTunes.
Now that we have a Trap teaser, a heavy future banger, and a melodic pendulum-esque electro tune, the anticipation and urge to see what the rest of this album has for us is truly agonizing. To make matters worse, a complete list of the tracks to expect have been posted with names that include Micropenis, EDM Trend Machine, and Kaleidoscope. Mark the date October 27th in your calendars people, this album isn't something you want to miss! Follow Knife Party on Facebook | Twitter