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Hardwell and Deadmau5 cash their Millions in on Mansions

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Angelica Dietzel

Over the weekend, news broke that Robbert van de Corput aka Hardwell, and Joel Thomas Zimmerman, the man we know as deadmau5, both dipped into their heavily filled wallets to cash in on mansions.

Lets see how they compare

Starting with the man named #1 on DJ Magazine's Top 100 DJs in 2013. Hardwell dipped into his fortune to purchases a $1.2 million mansion in Breda, Netherlands. Compared to huge names like Calvin Harris and Avicii who spent nearly $15 million on theirs, Hardwell keeps it very reasonable with this 4 bedroom, 4,000 square feet compound with its own beach-garden which won the 2009 “Garden of the year” award, full scaped window views stretched around the house, to compliment the already classy elegant look. Here are some pictures of what Hardwell spent some of his millions on.
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Now we go to Deadmau5's house. Already famous for his love for all things nice and expensive, like his recent purchase of the McLaren P1, he is no stranger to spending a pretty penny on what's his. He whips out merely $5 million for his own mansion and he even took to twitter to comment on the slight comparison to Calvin Harris's $15 million and Avicii's $16 million home: Located in rural Milton, Ontario, in the Campbellville community, his new mansion in Canada sits on 118 acres of land, 3 levels and 14,000 sq ft of living, 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 garages that seat 5 cars, its own home theater, a salt water underground pool and a separate stone pool house with covered patio, the list goes on and on. How far the dollar stretches comparing these two homes is outrageous. Take a look for yourself, if you ever have that extra $4 million, look what it can get you.
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Congratulation to Hardwell and deadmau5 on their new, much deserved purchases. Each of the artists also have highly anticipated new albums in the works. Deadmau5's "5 years of Mau5", a retrospective greatest hits album releasing in November, and Hardwell's debut studio album set to release in 2015. So while they're out spending their millions on mansions, we'll have the pleasure of spending our $$$ on their new albums.